Python Programming

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Python for Kids – 3 Part Series

GRADE: 4th to 8th

Python for Kids is specifically designed to allow students to grasp a core understanding of the fundamentals of python coding. Considering our little brains, the course covers the basics of Python programming and Tkinter GUI design. Still, it is very easy to learn. It is an exercise-based program with a final game project. So, students will write and execute their own code on a professional text editor. While learning, Students will work on the JetBrains PyCharm IDE and use Python 3.6. In sum, it is an excellent program to introduce the coding world to kids.

Advance Python – 2 Part Series

Advance Python is a project-based program in which students gain an understanding of object-oriented Python programming. This course covers the concepts of inheritance, initialization, cloning, and HTML/database interaction, and much more. Therefore it allows students to explore the OOP concepts in depth. For example, each concept taught leads to a corresponding project which allows for a deeper understanding of more complex Python components. By completing this program, Kids will have comprehensive knowledge of python object-oriented coding.