What coding languages should my kids learn?

At Progressive Kids we are usually asked this question. Considering the fact there are hundreds of technologies available out there, it can be daunting for parents to decide. Here is brief of some areas of coding to focus on:

  1. Core Programming Languages (Data Science, Analytics, AI, web application, Robotics)

All these languages are capable of doing data science, AI, data Analytics, in house application, online applications, games and robotics and much more. Python can be a good start to understand coding as it has syntax and more readability.

For kids we focus on teaching the basics of console coding and GUI game coding to keep it interactive and informative at same time. Recommended grades: 4th and up

  1. Web Design Coding Languages

Although web application is possible with above languages as well, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP are the fundamental languages to create websites supported by all browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer etc. Web Design: HTML, CSS can be good starting points for kids who like more visual output rather than getting in logical coding. Recommended grades: 5th and up

  1. Electronics and Robotics Coding

By learning how to build circuits and code, kids can add a new level of interactivity to their projects. Learn the Arduino and Raspberry platform and programming language to create robots, electronic toys, home automation tools, and much more. These courses are an excellent learning journey for the kids to understand the building block of Integrated circuits using breadboards, transistors, resistors, capacitors, LED, motor controls, etc. Recommended grades: 5th and up

  1. Game Coding Specific Programs

These are the platforms to develop games online. Unity uses version of c# as a backend coding. It is an excellent game coding program for kids who prefer to write logical code as well as visually appealing games. Currently we offer Unity 2D Game design and Unity 3D Game Design course. Recommended grades: 6th and up

  1. Mobile Apps

Considering the new mobile world, Android and iOS App Development program is based on advanced tools and technologies required for app development for iOS and Android devices. During the course, Kids will learn the basics of building a mobile app for Android and iOS environments. The course follows our innovative techniques to teach complicated concepts in an easy way. Therefore, it focuses on creating layouts, adding buttons, creating multiple pages, hands-on interactive apps. Towards the end, of course, kids will work on an app-designing project using animation and game techniques. Recommended grades: 6th and up