Yes, Most of our in person classes are offered in coordination with OFK and Milpitas City currently.

Class Sessions offered typically involve individualized tutor instruction for each student, with a maximum student:  instructor ratio of 6:1. This means that during each tutor's instructional time, the instructor will work with up to six students, but the instruction provided to each student will be individualized to meet their specific needs.

Overall, the aim of Class Sessions is to provide students with personalized instruction that helps them learn and progress in their chosen subject.

For in-person classes student : instructor ratio is 8:1

Currently, there is no enrollment fee. However there is a cancellation fee.

We strongly recommend that you check your student schedule before enrolling him for the program. We do understand unexpected events so we provide up to 2 make-up classes for 8 ( Eight ) / 12 ( Twelve)  week programs at no extra charge. 

There will not be any make up for missed make up class. 

There will be no make-up for classes offered in association with our partners.

All enrolled students login to their accounts and they get three things..

  1. Lessons
  2. Additional practice exercises 
  3. Concept reference material

Students will have access until the program ends.

All progressive kids classes are at will. You can un-enroll your child any time you wish. There is a convenience fee of $50 ( hundred dollars) plus prorated charges for the classes your student already attended.

Progressive Kids is closed for all National holidays. We are closed during major school breaks.  Our schedule excludes any holidays in between so typically you are being charged for the number of classes your student attends.