Tan Khanh Dao

Undergraduate at California State College, San Jose

Hi! I’m Tan Khanh Dao, a senior software engineer major on a mission to create innovative solutions through code. My studies have equipped me with a solid computer science, engineering, and AI/ML foundation, particularly in the fascinating world of Natural Language Processing (NLP). When I’m not coding, I find myself drawn to the power of music, whether it’s exploring new genres or revisiting old favorites. As a programmer, I thrive in a collaborative environment where I can bounce ideas off others. At the same time, my detail-oriented nature ensures I deliver polished and well-crafted code. Beyond my technical skills, I’m a super curious person who always has a thirst for knowledge. This curiosity, along with my bilingualism (English and Vietnamese), allows me to approach problems from diverse perspectives. I’m excited to leverage my skills and passion to make a positive impact in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Dina Lad

Computer Science and Engineering student at the Arizona State University – Tempe,.

Hi, my name is Dina Lad and I’m from the Bay Area. I’m currently a junior at Arizona State University, majoring in Computer Information Systems. At ASU, I’m involved with the Department of Information Systems club and the Andaaz dance team. I have experience in coding through my coursework and enjoy working on coding apps in my free time, furthering my skills as a full-stack developer. I’m passionate about teaching and look forward to inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts.

Nicholas Cabrales

Computer Science student at Sonoma State University

Hi, I am Nicholas Cabrales. I am a college junior going into my senior year at Sonoma State University. I am currently working toward getting my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science so that one day I might be able to make my games for everyone to enjoy. This will be my third year working as a coding instructor for Progressive Kids; helping them instruct the programmers of tomorrow. I mainly teach the Unity classes where we take kids through the basics of using Unity to make both 2D and 3D games. I try to make the classroom a place that is fun and enjoyable for everyone, but I’m not afraid to stop the fun so we can get back on track and finish the day’s lesson. In prior years I have also instructed the Java and Arduino classes as well as assisted in a couple more. In addition to guiding them through the lesson I also assist them when they run into any problems with their code. As someone who is learning to code myself, I know that it never fully works on the first try. If it does it’s a miracle or something else has gone wrong and I can’t see it. I look forward to meeting you all and having a fun summer learning how to program.

Vansh Jain

Computer Science Student at Arizona State University

Hi, my name is Vansh and I am currently a computer science student at Arizona State University. I love programming and creating things like Discord bots and websites. I also enjoy making and listening to music in my free time. I have been working with computers and coding for around four years now and I really enjoy it. I also really like to teach and have done a lot of volunteer jobs tutoring students and teaching classes, mostly in math and science. In addition to my technical pursuits, I have a passion for continuous learning and often participate in hackathons and coding competitions to challenge myself and improve my skills. I always love to find new methods and ideas and collaborate with others to use them to make different projects. Whether it’s through coding or teaching, I am committed to making a positive impact and sharing my knowledge with others.

Timothy Fan

Computer Science Student at San Jose State University

Hi, I’m Timothy Fan and I am a rising sophomore at San Jose State University. I am a Computer Engineering Major hoping to get into circuitry and chip design in the future. As a CE major, I am passionate about coding and have experience in coding languages in Java, C/C++, and Python. I am also a car enthusiast and enjoy spending my free time learning about the mechanical components of vehicles and getting in touch with the latest news in the car industry. When I’m not being productive, I like to spend my time gaming, playing games like Valorant or GTA online. Being from the Oakland area, I am not local to Fremont, but I look forward to teaching and getting to know you all this summer.

Harshit Gupta

Computer Science major at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Growing up I have always been enamored by technology and had a drive to express myself creatively. Learning to code has enabled me to form a strong connection with my community and support innovative projects that ignite change. I have been working with Progressive Kids for many years now. When I met with my students, I always made an effort to understand their strengths and weaknesses and connect with them to understand their interests. By learning about each students’ individual needs, I was better able to find material that engaged them as well as enabled me to test them on areas of improvement.